Kashrut at the Konvention

Our assurance on kashrut at our convention: All food will be strictly kosher under rabbinic supervision. With the exception of Wednesday night’s [fleishig] dinner, served at Park Avenue Synagogue, all meals will be prepared for us at the hotel kitchen with in-house supervision, under the auspices of Gabriel Seed and Nina Kretzmer, both of whom received their training in hashgachah from Rabbi Joel Roth of the Jewish Theological Seminary.  Mr. Seed is employed full time by the Rabbinical Assembly.  Following the leads of our fellow movement organizations FJMC, USY, USCJ, Women’s League and the Rabbinical Assembly, our Mashgiach staff will be kashering the hotel kitchen whose full use will be devoted to feeding us.  As such, our hotel meals will be dairy only, and include plenty of fish, dairy, and other vegetable protein. Our commitment to kashrut is tantamount, and hotel staff will be professionally supervised during all preparation, cooking and service.  We will do our utmost to provide for all special dietary requests, as well as offer delicious, healthy (and not-so-healthy) options for all.  Any further questions should be directed to our colleague Eric Snyder. caofficesnyder@aol.com.

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