Save the Dates


Sunday-Thursday, May 19-23, 2013

 in the New York Metro Area


The 2013 convention will take us all “L’eyla” – Higher – with many opportunities to bring you and the Cantorate to a higher level!

We are planning exciting four-day, intensive sessions with national leaders on Spirituality, Technology and Social Media, Synagogue Programming, Homiletics, Songleading and Executive Coaching.

Trips into New York City will include a visit to the new 9/11 Memorial, a Shoah program at the Jewish Heritage Museum, and a gala concert in Rose Hall at Jazz at Lincoln Center, honoring Mati Lazar.  We are planning exciting evening concerts which will include a celebration embracing 25 Years of Women in the Cantors Assembly, along with celebrations of Israeli, Yiddish, Cantorial and World Jewish music. 

The Sheraton Meadowlands is a newly renovated and conveniently located hotel, situated a few miles from the Lincoln Tunnel and about 20 minutes from Newark Airport.  We are working closely with the hotel to accommodate all of our convention needs, including the food, which will be prepared under Rabbinic supervision. Vegetarian, and similar, options will be available and carefully prepared.

Your voices will be an integral part of our convention. We hope to learn from one another, sharing our experiences and highlighting our many talents.  Convention co-chairs Nancy Abramson, Joanna Dulkin and Sheldon Levin appreciate the many survey responses they have received and are busy trying to include as many of your suggestions as possible. 

Accompanying the intensive daily sessions, innovative programming and prayer, and exciting evening concerts, followed by “crazy” late-night antics, important business meetings of the CA will also take place.  

If you know of donors who would like to be benefactors for the Shoah program, or any of the other major events being planned, please contact one of the co-chairs or the CA office.

We can’t wait for you to join us May 19-23, 2013!


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